Beyond the screens

[Tweet "It is time to look beyond the screens and discover a truly new product"] I found this very interesting article on Medium today. It resonates with my idea about wearables. So, OK... we are obsessed by touch screen and touch UIs, but we should not try to put them everywhere and rather focus on... Continue Reading →

Doug Aitken | The Source

I just discovered this website from a colleague at Canonical. Check it out. It has an amazing, mesmerising nature that you hardly find in web today. Plus, it talks about Creativity in Music, Performance, Architecture. Doug Aitken | The Source

Solving the UX Puzzle

Having worked more than 13 years as either an Information Architect, User Experience Designer and HCI researcher, I accepted the invite from the organiser of UCD 2013 London to discuss what I learned by doing user centred design client- and agency-side. How does it differ? Does the agency engagement model allow a true user centred... Continue Reading →

Excellent introduction to touch UI

I found this excellent introduction to Touch UIs by Luke Wroblewski that looks at the disruptiveness of the introduction of successful input methods in computer history. In a nutshell, every time a new input paradigm was introduced to the market, market dominance shifted to those companies who used them to serve consumers best. From Re-imagining... Continue Reading →

Android Design Patterns

When I was offered presenting at the Design track at Droidcon 2011, I enthusiastically accepted as very little has been written on the topic. This still holds true, regardless of Android being the most widespread Smartphone OS on the planet. The things is, Android apps have been heavily criticised in the past due to poor... Continue Reading →

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