What is Service Design?

In our field, we often tend to hear the phrase Service Design. Service Design is basically applying holistic user-centred design methods and processes to on- and off-line services. The Design Council has put together a good introduction to the field. “A service is something that I use but do not own [...] Service design is... Continue Reading →

Aviation, Human Factors, Automation and Modes

As a design community, we tend to forget how User Centred Design is not only employed in building customer-facing experiences. UCD and Human Factors are also used to design plane cockpits, submarine and nuclear power plant C&C rooms. The latest episode of 99pi does a great job of explaining why designing for automation can mean the difference between... Continue Reading →

We Don’t Need More Designers Who Can Code

A great excerpt from the Article "We Don’t Need More Designers Who Can Code", by Jesse Weaver "Saying designers should code creates a sense that we should all be pushing commits to production environments. Or that design teams and development teams are somehow destined to merge into one team of superhuman, full-stack internet monsters. Let’s... Continue Reading →

Let your users wait…

   A good article by Tal Mishali on UX MAG about wait time: communicating progress in UI Design. When an action we perform happens faster than we would expect it to, we may not appreciate the effort put into it. In more extreme cases we may think that if it happened too fast, maybe it... Continue Reading →

Mobile stats – worldwide

It's a real shame this report from WURFL does not include either historic trends or desktop figures to see the proportion between desktop and mobile traffic. Still useful though. Source: Mobile Overview Report January – March 2015

Do Androids dream in Verse?

a great article from Joscelin Cooper, former UX Writer at Google : As technology becomes more pervasive and gains access to greater amounts of our personal data, how can we design successful human-machine conversations? Should user interface text approximate the lilt, flow, and syntax of human speech? Or does humanizing UI conversations create a false... Continue Reading →

The last 18 months at Canonical

It has been a month since I left Canonical, so it is time to sum up what we achieved. I have been working for 18 months in the Ubuntu mothership, and oh boy they have been very hectic. 2014 has been a great year for me and the Apps team. We accelerated the evolution of touch... Continue Reading →

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